Why learn to code

Smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Google Maps, computers, and robots all run on software applications, making coding and app development some of today’s most sought-after skills. According to CNN Money, jobs in “software architecture” are predicted to show an impressive 10-year growth rate of 34%—and are the top-ranked industry category. Want to discover the building blocks behind it all?

Our approach

We incorporate programming and coding into exciting classes for kids and teens by presenting abstract ideas in programming using concrete and fun activities that kids love.   Game design, Robotics and Drones are some of the most engaging and concrete ways for kids to connect their understanding of programming with real world activities.  Of course, each of these topics also come with additional learnings; from the limitless creativity of Game Design to the (don’t tell your kids!) math, physics and electronics that they also naturally learn as they have fun!

Learning how to write code teaches kids to blend logical and creative thought to solve problems, and that’s a skill that will benefit them in any career. Coding is the best form of brain exercise! Brain exercise is important when kids are young. It’s simple: Just like physical exercise makes them stronger, brain exercise makes them smarter. This builds confidence as well.

For most people, their computer is just an appliance instead of a tool. But by learning how to program, you’ll gain access to one of the most powerful tools of the modern world, and you’ll have fun along the way.

Our tools

For our younger students we use Tynker, a program that teaches children the fundamentals of programming by having them build their own games. Tynker is a new computing platform designed specifically to teach children computational learning and programming skills in a fun and imaginative way.

For our older students we use the industry standard Unity Game Engine, and focus on C# as our primary programming language.  Design and develop your very own game with the power of Unity. It’s the most popular tool among game developers, so you’ll be building skills that you can take to college and beyond. You’ll also get a chance to hone your programming skills using C# to bring your creation to life. Delve into all aspects of game creation with a full development pipeline: implementing art, sound, and scripts to complete a project you can be proud of and take home.