Robotics for Kids (Grades 3-6)

At a glance:

Ages: 7-12

Skill Level: Beginner

Prerequisite: No


  • LittleBits Code Kit App (Google Blocky-based)
  • OzoBlocky (Google Blocky-based)


  • LittleBits Code Kit
  • Ozobot Bit 2.0
  • Laptop

All software and hardware provided.  Students are not required to bring any additional materials


Kids will learn to build various robotics projects then learn to control them using easy to learn visual coding. This program introduces kids in grades 3-6 to:

  • How robotics work
  • Coding basics
  • How robots and machines are assembled
  • How to control robots and inventions using code
  • How to assemble components to make different types of projects
  • Utilize computational reasoning to solve problems
  • Work collaboratively to re-design projects, for example:
    • In lesson 1 students will invent a score-tracking soccer game
    • Once it’s built they will work in groups to customize and enhance their invention to create a 2 person game by changing circuits, code and gamplay
  • Use Ozobots and Ozoblocky to create fun interactive robot programs