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Monday, 10 November 2008 08:37

Welcome to Convolution!

Convolution Inc. is an independent video game development company, based in Newfoundland, Canada.  We focus on the development of excellent, quality games for people of all ages.  As part of our commitment to providing great entertainment to all game players, we specialize in creating innovative technologies that facilitate special needs gamers and strive to incorporate those technologies into every game we make.

What does that mean?  It means a game from Convolution is built to meet the expectations of all gamers, but we don't think anyone should be left out of the fun so we make extra investments in each game project to design and add elements to allow everyone to enjoy our games.  For more information please check out our Game Tech section.

For more information on Convolution, our corporate direction, and values please visit our blog.

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Written by Galen   
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 06:49

In January 2011 Convolution introduced a new product to the gaming world, and the gaming world responded!

Let's take a quick quiz!

The Game Business Toolbox is

a) tragically named

b) a collection of office templates that make game design and video game business setup easier

c) A tool even a hobbyist can use to achieve better consistency and success

d) all the above

Well... just like high school, we'll go with D (although at least one person at Convolution disagrees with a :) )

Office templates may seem like the simplest things, but the reality of DOING a complex thing, like making a video game, is the simplest things, when well thought out, that make completing a project possible.  That's the philosophy behind the Game Business Toolbox.  Frankly, we found we needed some templates as we setup Convolution and began developing games.

We searched the internet, found some Game Design Templates (GDD), read and heard rumors about others, and found almost no business templates that really addresssed the needs of a game making company.  So, what did we do... we made them.  Then we thought, hey I'll bet there are others out there that can use these.

First, we ported them to 4 of the major Office packages, so you wouldn't have to waste time doing that.  Then we bundled them up in three different offerings so folks would have enough choice to be able to purchase those pieces that meet their needs specifically.  Finally we gave it an poorly chosen name (if you have a better one PLEASE shoot it over to me... our owner still thinks that name works!) and set it up for sale.

Well, the feedback has been fantastic!

Don't believe us?  Have a look for yourself...

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